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What is Massage?
Massage comes from an Arabic word meaning stroke and has been used as a therapy for over 3000 years. Canine massage uses methodical Gentle Touch to help with the body's healing process and promote relaxation.

Why Massage?
Massage does not replace veterinary care but is an important component to the well-being of your canine partner. It can soothe aching joints and help reduce stress. Massage can also help prevent injury by building muscle tone, maintaining posture and balancing the body. If an injury occurs it can help decrease recovery time. It increases blood flow delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells and helps decrease inflammation and lactic acid. There can also be an increase in joint range of motion and increase in athletic performance. Most of all, the dogs feel great!

Who would benefit from massage?
Really, any dog can benefit from massage but especially:

Canine athletes
Dogs recovering from illness, surgery or injury
Elderly dogs
Dogs with chronic conditions